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Pro Deals


Note on pro deals from Alex Wood:


Reminder to every body that these are for VRT members only. Not for friends and family. They are a courtesy extended too us and can be taken away if abused. (Don't be that guy/gal that ruins it for everybody) It's a good idea to check/ try on products out at local retailers first (as they are not returnable) but don't take too much of the salespersons time. And don't tell them you plan on buying through the pro deal.


There are several sites that allow you to create your own account, and place orders individually. Each one has multiple brands.

The main ones are:


You can use your MRA card or EMT cert to verify affiliation. And list Tom or Steve as a supervisor.


If you have specific questions about gear feel free to contact me. If I'm not familiar with it I can refer you to somebody who is. If you are looking for something that isn't available through these sites, we have a number of other direct accounts that I can order through as well. I also try to stay on top of where to get the best prices on items that aren't available on pro accounts.



An extra note on boots. We can get pro deals on most brands of boots. I no longer use them unless I'm buying a boot model that I have already owned. Or unless it's a very lightweight boot that will break in easy. If you order a pair that doesn't fit correctly, and won't break in, you are stuck with them. I prefer a retailer that will accept returns or give you full credit toward a new/different boot. REI still takes returns in the first year. If I use a 20% coupon, I'm not spending much more than a prodeal (after tax/shipping). If your one of the lucky few who's feet aren't picky about boots, you can likely get away with buying boots through the prodeals.


Again if you have further questions, don't hesitate to email me.



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